Press Release: Fellows Gear up for Greenland 

Anchorage, AK – August 10, 2023 

The Arctic Resilient Communities Youth Fellowship (ARCYF), a visionary youth initiative, is pleased to announce an upcoming in-person workshop set to take place in Greenland this month. With a commitment toward building leadership and resiliency in Arctic communities, this immersive experience will bring together twenty (20) dynamic youth leaders from Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. 

From August 16-24, the Greenland Workshop will commence in Sisimiut at the Greenlandic School of Minerals and Petroleum, culminating in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital. Embracing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, this hands-on workshop will delve into pivotal themes, including responsible Arctic resource development, workforce training, meaningful Indigenous community engagement, and integration of biodiversity considerations. 

Greenland Workshop in Review 

August 17, Sisimiut: Fellows will discuss harnessing business investment potential through innovative approaches, focusing on the Arctic Business Forum. The day will also feature perspectives on local resilience efforts shared by municipal leaders and community members. 

August 18, Sisimiut: ARCYF participants will explore the Greenland School of Minerals & Petroleum’s (KTI) international courses and apprenticeship programs, pivotal in nurturing a skilled local workforce for Greenland’s burgeoning mining and construction sectors. A learning expedition to Palasi Qaqqa (Mountain of the Priest) will provide a tangible connection to the land, and a visit to the Sisimiut Museum will offer insights into Greenlandic trade, industry, and cultural heritage. 

August 19, Sisimiut: Discussions will center around capitalizing on Greenland’s strategic location and abundant natural resources while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Deliberations will discuss strategies to bolster Greenland’s economy through environmentally and socially responsible development practices. 

August 20, Nuuk: Fellows will delve into the complex interplay of climate change effects on international politics, governance, commerce, culture, and life in Nuuk. Discussions will spotlight enhancing community resilience in the face of climate-related challenges in the Arctic. 

August 21-23, Nuuk: ARCYF participants will engage with Greenland’s Parliament, the Inuit Circumpolar Council, and the U.S. Consulate, fostering unity, advocating for rights, and cultivating robust economic ties. 

August 23, Nuuk: The Greenland Workshop will end, culminating in a rich tapestry of discussions, insights, and impactful cultural exchanges that underscore the spirit of the ARCYF initiative. 

Recognizing Remarkable Dedication and Local Support 

The remarkable success of this workshop owes much to the tireless efforts of Greenland community leader, Konkordia (Kunngu) Sørensen Gabriel. This intensive week has become a reality through Konkordia’s dedication and collaboration with business and community sponsors. Konkordia’s leadership has paved the way for an extraordinary opportunity for fellows to engage with business and government leaders and cultural and knowledge keepers, adding a unique dimension to their transformative experience. 

About ARCYF: Empowering the Arctic Youth 

ARCYF’s mission is to empower Arctic youth to advance responsible development and become leaders in building resilient Arctic communities. Through this transformative initiative, organizers envision a future Arctic where: 

  • Youth voices are appreciated, respected, and welcomed—with their ideas and plans implemented—as people in the northern hemisphere seek solutions for the problems that result from a rapidly changing Arctic. 
  • Countries, states, provinces, territories, and communities are encouraged to highlight their commitment to the well-being of the inhabitants of the Arctic, including recognition of the special relationship and unique contributions to the Arctic of Indigenous Peoples and youth combined with ensuring that Indigenous Peoples and communities are engaged and consulted in a meaningful way throughout all phases of resource and other development. 
  • All Arctic participants recognize the long-term implications of activities in the Arctic Region for Indigenous communities, with an essential focus on food security, food sovereignty, economic development, and other matters impacting traditional ways of life. 

Fostering Responsible and Inclusive Development 

ARCYF’s multifaceted approach weaves together virtual speaker series, in-person workshops, and personal community resiliency projects. Each facet of this initiative has been crafted to resonate with Arctic life’s unique challenges and opportunities. Since its inception in 2022, ARCYF has emerged as a transformative force, offering a paid fellowship to Arctic youth leaders. 

The journey continues as ARCYF Fellows are set to reconvene in Vancouver, Canada, from November 2-6, 2023. This gathering will provide a platform for these emerging leaders to showcase their transformative projects, amplify their voices, and underscore their exceptional leadership qualities. The Vancouver workshop will culminate the 2023 cohort, complete with a graduation ceremony and the esteemed presence of key partners, including Global Affairs Canada. 

If you’re curious to learn more about their journey and want to see their incredible work, check out, and/or if you’d like to become a partner or request additional information contact


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